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Angels Jeans Wear
Angels Jeans Wear
ANGELS was founded on 1 July 1980 in Nagold in Germany’s Black Forest region. With ANGELS a fashion-inspired entrepreneurial couple wanted to design trousers that would be a godsend for women – a perfect fit combined with modern design and the best materials at an excellent cost-performance ratio.

The "Made in Europe" seal of quality documents what has long been applied at ANGELS. Products that make their buyers really happy, are only produced by qualified employees that process the best possible basic materials.

The company’s success can therefore be attributed to human qualities – and to the fact that ANGELS focuses on the distinctive differences of individual people. The result: ANGELS quickly became the first supplier for five-pocket jeans in women’s sizes in Germany. The fashion angel also came up with the length guideline for the German trousers' industry. FASHION ANGEL today helps fashion lovers to find their ideal trousers.

ANGELS has been continuously growing and is now present in Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. But one thing has always stayed the same: at ANGELS every woman finds the perfect trousers. Made in Europe – and with the greatest possible passion.

Website: http://www.winkeltsybroeken.nl