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Castelijn en Beerens
Castelijn en Beerens
Exclusive Leather Goods since 1945.

The exclusive leather goods collection by Castelijn & Beerens comprises over 500 different products that can be divided in Business and Lifestyle.
Within the two main groups various categories can be found like wallets, purses, ladies bags and business bags. All made from the best Italian leathers. Each with its own specific characteristics.
The ranges are exceptionally wide. For instance in the Gaucho-range one can find a key-case, wallet, agenda ánd a business bag in the same colour and type leather.
Innovation is a must! Fresh new ladies bags collections with matching accessories are developed at least 2 times a year. Do you want to keep track? Make sure to join our newsletter!

Enjoy the better things in life,
choose for the exclusive Castelijn & Beerens Lifestyle Collection.
Castelijn & Beerens, Craftsmanship since 1945.

Website: http://www.kleinlederwaren.nl/?item=winkel&groep=34