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Gitte DYRBERG and Henning KERN see themselves as a team of trend-setting designers with a very personal style, which they develop together.

Their style is based on Scandinavian design traditions, though their design is not particularly Nordic. Clean, modern lines are seen in all collections - may it be the fashion jewellery collection JEWELS, the time piece collection DYRBERG/KERN time, or the Accessories, the designers seem to be cleverly able to combine their personal ideas with modern fashion trends, in order to create a totally new look every season. This style seems to appeal to women of all ages, all over the world. The designers seek to go beyond the trends of time and would like their jewellery, accessory and time piece collections to "feel right" for more than just one season. These collections are neither classic nor timeless, but each piece from the DYRBERG/KERN design studio radiate a style which is personal and may be worn for several seasons.

Website: http://www.dyrbergkern.com